GOLF? STUFFY? ONLY IF YOU LET IT BE! it was Whitney's birthday.  We conspired.  Carts were decorated (a).  Putters were adorned with 'Happy Birthday!' streamers (b).  The dashboard (c)?  Can't think of a better place for yet more flare!  Who says golf can't be fun!  If your course allows for cart decoration, then by all means go for it!  Nothing helps you loosen up for a full 18 than laughing your pants off before you even begin the round.

For Whit's birthday celebration, we invited our good friend (and token male) Travis along for the round, and we think he was impressed with our skills...

He definitely became more impressed with our game after consuming more 'swing lube' (see evidence to the right of white arrow above).  

Looking for ways to make golf more fun?  Take it from us.  Use any excuse for celebration, head to your local party store, decorate your golf cart, and hope for a sunny day!  Enjoy your round!