THE GOLF DRESS : Greg Norman Women's Golf Dress 
THE GOLF COURSE : Pacific Link's South Shore Golf Club, Henderson NV
THE GALS : Golf Gals Dawn and Shelley

DAWN : This golf dress sparked my curiosity because I had never worn a dress golfing...

...It looked very comfortable on the hanger in the store, and to justify the purchase, the dress is appropriate for other daytime outings such as shopping, grocery, lunch date, etc. I like the fabric, the collar, the sleeveless design and the pattern is o.k. I can work with white, grey and pink.  No bloomers underneath - a concern for me!  I'm wondering if this dress is too short and how much of my back side is revealed? Yes, I'm wearing underwear with this frock...

SHELLEY :  What sparked my curiosity?  Well, any golf dress catches my eyes these days, so there's that.  The breathable and moisture wicking fabric is the second thing I liked.  If you play in a hot or humid climate, you know how important staying cool and dry is.  Two more pluses?  I could tell this dress would travel and launder well. 

SHELLEY : Erring on the side of caution, I wore spandex bicycle pants.  Big mistake.  Huge.  By the 4th hole, I was drenched in sweat.  Not the dress, just the way-too-hot undershorts.  I grew increasingly jealous of Dawn and her underwear choice.  Turns out you couldn't see up the dress at all! 

DAWN : Pockets are very important. Depending on the hole configuration, I tend to keep an extra ball in my pocket just in case I hit a bad drive.  I know this goes against the rules, but I don't like rules. As with every golf skirt, skort, and short - pockets are not flattering because they make you look wide! Although these pockets were deep, I didn't think they made me look extra wide.

SHELLEY : Is that a golf ball in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?  I agree with Dawn - for us amateur golfers, carrying an extra ball is unfortunately necessary to deter slow play!  The deep pockets on this dress were nice, however ultimately I wish there was a secure ball pocket somewhere other than the sides.  I'm not a big fan of ball bulge. 

DAWN : The tie belt is what caught my eye on the hanger, and what adds style to this dress. A belt always accentuates the waist! We played the front 9 with the belt on, the back 9 with the belt off. I was shocked how much more comfortable I was without the belt! By the end of the round, the temperature was reaching 108 degrees and I was using the belt as a headband! I felt like I was wearing a "moo moo" but I was too hot to care.

SHELLEY : I always have a hard time figuring out how to tie and wear belts like the one on this dress!  Initially it was too tight and the skirt was bunching up.  After loosening it was much more comfortable, but since the temperature was so hot, sweat began to gather around the tie.  It was MUCH more comfortable playing the back 9 sans tie-belt.   

DAWN : This is a great dress! I enjoyed wearing it for golf and it held up after machine washing it. I have also worn it on 3 other non-golf occasions with cute sandals and received several compliments!  Great length - doesn't scooch up when sitting down :

SHELLEY : This dress was comfortable in hot temperatures (114+), yet could easily transition to cooler playing temps with the addition of a cardigan.  It's neutral palate matches many different colors of golf shoes!  Affordable price and great wearability. 

DAWN GIVES THIS DRESS : 4 out of 5 balls
SHELLEY GIVES THIS DRESS :  4 out of 5 balls