shelley c.

I wasn't exposed to the game of golf until meeting my husband, lifelong player Jon.  At first, I would tag along with him to the driving range, swing way too hard at some practice balls, then ride in the cart as he played.  Simply being outside and enjoying nature was enough fun for me!  

A few years and countless rounds later - I was bitten by the golf bug and took a handful of lessons.  And practiced on the range.  And played as often as I could.  With about 2 years of playing fairly consistently under my belt now, I've improved a lot - but know I still have a long way to go. 

What else has a long way to go?  I think the design of women's golf clothing does!  It seems like so many garments are either designed by a man or by someone who's never played a round in their life - they're too plain, don't fit right, impede your swing, or are made from the totally wrong fabric.  

I always play a better game when wearing a golf outfit that blends fashion with function.  The more confident and comfortable you are with what you're wearing, the more relaxed you'll be.  The better you'll swing and your overall enjoyment of the game skyrockets.  At least that's been my experience!  

While I've found several women's golf apparel options that work well for me - I've never been satisfied with the current offering available online or at my neighborhood Dick's.  That's why Dawn, Whitney and I started this blog - to share our quest for the ultimate golf outfit.  If we never find it?  I have no doubt we'll design a few ourselves...eventually!

Look good, play well!