The Golf Clothing :  PING Ladies' Golf Collection for Spring 2014 
The Golf Gals :  Dawn, Shelley and Whitney 
The Golf Course :  South Shore Golf Club, Henderson NV

We were lucky enough to connect with the good people from PING at the recent PGA Expo in Las Vegas.  We were thrilled when they sent samples our way to review!  Interested in having the Gals play in and critique your golf clothing or accessory?  Instructions regarding submitting samples are at the end of this post. 

Dawn Says : I love the black and white dot retro style of this Ping golf skort (sz sm) and the cute pocket detail on the shirt (sz sm).

In my opinion the skort is about 2-3 inches too short and might push the limit of some clubs' dress codes.  I was constantly pulling the built in shorts down - at times they hung past the skirt!  Like Shelley, I found the shirt fabric was not very breathable.  Although this is for a Spring collection, wearing this top on a 90-114 degree day would not pass the performance test.  Whitney's sleeveless shirt with breathable panels would be a much better choice!

Shelley Says : I absolutely loved the bright tangerine and charcoal color combination of my Ping short sleeve shirt (sm sm) and polka dot skort (sz sm).  Both pieces stayed in place when swinging... 

...but I would have preferred a bit more length on the skirt.  Loved the attention to detail on the shirt (orange stitching and piping, snap buttons) however I found the fabric to lack breath-ability.  Overall, I absolutely loved the look of this golf outfit - we received several compliments from ladies in the clubhouse and on the course!

Whitney Says :  I felt ready for next Spring in my beautiful light pink shirt and mint green Ping skort!  The shirt's fabric was light and breathable, especially the two breathable panels on the back...

I really enjoyed the cut of the sleeveless shirt (sz sm) - a little extra room in front and back.  The skort (sz sm) was very cute, although a little short.  It looked great with my Navika stroke counter! 


We're going to give our PING apparel 4 out of 5 balls.  Why not 5?  Here's why:  

1. Increase the length of the golf skort just a tad!
2. Keep the cute zippered pockets on the front and back of the skort, but create a ball pocket on the attached undershorts.  Nobody likes ball bulge!  

Fill the skort pockets filled with flat objects like ball markers and tees - but keep them zipped!  They're not very flattering when open or with a ball in them.
3.  Consider adding breathable panels to the short sleeve shirts - it was in the upper 80's when we played, and they were not as breathable as Whitney's sleeveless top.

Special thanks to our friends at PING for the Spring 2014 samples.  We 'played our best' in them!  

To submit your golf clothing or accessory for the Gals to critique, click here and send an email introducing your company + the product(s) you'd like us to review.  We'll be in touch shortly!