frequently asked questions

What is the best way to get in touch with GalsWhoGolf or to ask the Gals a question?  

Just click here to send an email!

How can I connect with Gals Who Golf online? 

We're on facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and Instagram.  Come hang with us!

How much does it cost to play a round of golf?

The price to pay 18 holes runs from $36 to over $150, depending on if the course you're playing is public or private.  Some courses run off-season and afternoon specials in the Summer - so be sure to call the facility or check online if you find a course you're interested in playing.  

What is the difference between a public and a private course? 

Public courses are open to the general public - anyone can play.  And you should!  Some of the most beautiful and historic courses in the United States are public courses, so you're in luck.  Private courses usually require a deposit to join, then charge a monthly fee and often require a minimum monthly spend on food and beverage.  The benefit of a public course?  A lower price to play!  The benefit of a private course?  Extra amenities like caddies, shoe shine services, locker rooms with private storage areas.  Need more info?  This link has a more in-depth description of public vs. private courses.

Where is the best place to take a lesson?

Find an LPGA teacher near your zip code.  Just click here

I've never played golf before.  What should I expect, and how should I...act?

Your experience will vary based on the type of golf course you're playing, but here are some general rules to follow that will keep you in good standing with the pals you're playing with : 

1.  Turn your cell phone off!  In fact, either leave it in the locker room or in your car.

2.  Don't be rowdy on the practice range - you don't have to whisper, but respect the fact that people are concentrating!

3.  Unless otherwise instructed, play ready golf!  That means when you replace your driver after your tee shot, go ahead and grab the club you'll use for your next shot.  When you replace your putter after completing the hole, grab your driver.  Be ready to go when your cart pulls up to the tee box!  

4.  Don't talk or make noises when others are making their shot or putting.

5.  On the putting green, always walk behind the balls of those you're playing with.  The idea is - you do not want to step on the turf that lies between their ball and the hole.  Footprints or spike marks in someone's ball path could alter the outcome of the pu.

6.  Shake the hands of those you've played with when your round is complete! 

What is standard golf attire? 

If you're playing; then shorts, a skort, or long pants - depending on what time of year it is.  No blue jean material!  What length for shorts and skorts?  A good rule of thumb is : place your arms flush against your body, hanging down against your body.  If your middle fingertip is above your hemline, then you're good to go!  If your fingertips extend below the hemline, then you should probably reconsider!  For your top - a shirt with a collar.  It is perfectly acceptable to layer a short sleeve, collared shirt underneath a sweater when the temperature dips.  Your top shouldn't be made from blue jean material either.  For your shoes?  If you've got golf cleats, perfect.  If not, tennis shoes will work.  

If you're not playing, but riding along in the golf cart - the same rules for tops and bottoms apply.  The only difference in golf attire for a non-player?  You can skip the golf cleats and opt for tennis shoes or slip on soft shoe flats.  Keep in mind you'll be walking on turf that does not like being punctured with sharp heels or hard soles, though!    

Also, if it's a sunny day, you'll want to bring a hat, visor or sunglasses!  If it's going to be chilly in the morning but warm up as the day progresses, then be sure to layer!  Carry a larger purse so that you can store additional clothing or supplies if needed. 

What are your favorite women's golf clothes labels?

Greg Norman, Adidas, Smashing Golf & Tennis, Lizzie Driver

What are your favorite brick and mortar women's golf clothing retailers?

Golf Galaxy

What are your favorite online retailers for ladies' golf clothing?

Currently in top position?  Golf4Her.  They feature a comprehensive collection of modern golf clothing styles for women and a great line-up of labels that design outfits and accessories you'll actually be excited about wearing!