New to the game and wondering what to keep in your golf locker?  Here's a peek inside each of ours - just to give you a few ideas for what to keep in yours!  What, no locker?  Then consider packing a small golf bag containing the items below:

DAWN : My golf locker is about the size of one you'd find at a spa.  It measures approxitely 12" wide x 36" high x 20" deep.  It has a rod, hook, and built in safety key.  I have a secret code to access my locker, and a lovely gold name plate with my name on the front!  Yes, it is small - but luckily I was able to choose a top section instead of a bottom section.  Here's a look at what's inside my locker:

- 2 pairs golf shoes
- clean socks (and some dirty ones that need to be washed!)
- a small purse
- extra golf balls, tees and ball markers
- candy
- mittens for the winter
- sunscreen, a cooling towel, and neck wrap to chill when it's extra hot
- extra chap stick / lip gloss

At this point, my locker is full!  I've got things stacked, hanging and thrown in there.  If a full height locker was available, I would take it!  That way I could hang a change of clothes for post-golf dinners and several more pairs of golf shoes!

WHITNEY :  I like to keep things tidy, so I prefer not to have too many things in my locker at once.  However, there are some definite necessities that I always keep stocked.  First and fore-most (see what I did there!) I keep snacks.  Protein bars, granola bars, something to snack on between the front nine and the back nine.  Low blood sugar and playing golf do not mix well for me.  I also keep sunscreen so that I can make sure to keep my skin safe and unburned.  Last but not least, I keep my golf shoes in my locker.  I own 2 pairs - one to keep at the club, and one pair stored at home.  That way I don’t have to take my shoes everywhere with me! 

SHELLEY : Well, I guess you could say I'm a minimalist!  The certificate from my first couple's tournament (3rd place!) puts me in the right mental space.  Those positive swing thoughts last until my first breakdown...usually around the 4th hole!  Other than that, there's my current pair of Nike golf shoes and the same keep-cool neck wrap as Dawn's (thanks Whitney!).  I do carry a small golf bag to and from the course with extra tees, chap stick and lip gloss, extra hair ties, and a bit of cash for tipping.