whitney o.

I've been golfing since January of 2013, and initially started learning how to play so that I could spend more time with my husband, Corey.  I also wanted to meet more women and have a fun outdoor activity to do with friends... 

To me, golf to me is more than just the sport itself.  It's about fashion, too!  Like most activities in my life, I like to have clothes to match my style and the occasion.  The more I get into golf, the more challenging finding clothes that are stylish, functional, and affordable becomes.  Alot of apparel is designed for women who are older.  As an early thirties woman, I still want to look like I am in my early thirties!   

My hope is that my friends and I can provide information, critiques and useful tips to help female golfers of any age navigate the world of golf - fashionably.  And of course - to encourage more women to get out there and play.  
Have a great day on the course!  
Whitney O.