The Golf Gadget : Leather and Swarovski Rhinestone Stroke Counter by Navika Golf Gifts
The Golf Gal : Whitney 

Whitney Says:  As a new golfer, I have been known to rack up the strokes - so having a stroke counter has really helped me track my game and my progress.  When I spotted these Navika Stroke Counters at the PGA Expo, I was really excited - they are blinged out and beautiful! 

Looking good doesn't always mean functions well - but luckily this stroke counter gives you a huge bang for a small buck!  It is lightweight, and can be attached to your belt buckle, belt or edge of your pocket.  The beads slide smoothly and pulling another bead doesn't feel too bad since they are so sparkly...  

The other advantage?  I take it to work with me and use it to track my water ounces throughout the day.   For every 10 ounces of water, I pull a bead.  This golf gadget is great for helping me improve my game and for keeping up with my health.  

I give the Navika Stroke counter 5 out of 5 balls!