The Golf Gadget : GTA - Golf Traction Aids, size small to medium
The Golf Gals : Whitney and Shelley
The Golf Course : South Shore, Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, NV

Whitney Says : At the PGA Expo in Las Vegas, we happened upon the Golf Traction Aid Booth.  They were debuting their Turf Talons spikes - rubber contraptions with attached golf spikes.  You slip a pair onto most shoes're golf ready!

At first I was skeptical; I  thought they would slip and slide and move around during wear.  I was pleasantly surprised!  They were snug, didn't ruin my shoes, and didn't slip around when teeing off or during fairway play.  I was pleased with how they looked when worn with my black Nike's.  The biggest drawback was they slipped when crawling out of large sand traps.  So - you need to avoid deep traps (!) or be extra careful when hiking out of a deep bunker.  My shoe size is a women's 8.5, so perhaps the sizing of the grips should be slightly tweaked to prevent this issue.

Shelley Says :  I thought the Turf Talons would pinch when worn - I'm pleased to report they did not!  After slipping them on at the clubhouse, I stood up and instantly noticed you feel 'squishy' or 'bouncy' when wearing them on hard pavement.  Hmm.  On the first tee, the spikes gripped the green well, and my feet felt more flexible in tennis shoes versus stiff leather golf shoes - I could really feel the weight transfer during my back swing.  I didn't encounter the slipping issue that Whitney did, but my shoe size is larger than hers (9.5).

The Pros and Cons :

Whitney : When traveling, GTA's golf traction aids allow you to leave your golf shoes at home!  Every course that's frequented by travelers should carry these - their price point is under $30.  The Turf Talons are lightweight and wouldn't add bulk to your luggage.  They're also a great spare pair to keep in your car - perfect for spontaneous trips to the driving range during your lunch break.  Just make sure to practice with them first, as they add a little to your height and will feel slightly different than your golf shoes.   On a creative note, I wish they came in different colors - maybe eventually?  I give this innovative golf product 4 out of 5 balls.

Shelley : I love this product for converting regular shoes into golf shoes.  They're constructed well, made in the USA, and you might enjoy the feel of them attached to your tennis shoes better than wearing your fancy retro Footjoy golf spikes!  As an experiment, I attached them to a pair of soft-soled shoes to see if they pinched and was pleasantly surprised.  They weren't uncomfortable and stayed in place when I did a practice swing.  Wearing the grips with shoes like this would not be preferable, but good to know they would work in a pinch!  Negatives?  Neither the name of the product or the manufacturer's website is printed on the product itself.  A dead end when searching for the item online!  I give this golf accessory 4 out of 5 balls.