The Golf Gadget : Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch*
The Golf Gal : Whitney O.
The Golf Course : Taylormade Golf Course, Las Vegas NV and South Shore Golf Club, Henderson NV

Whitney Says :  I was really excited to try out the Garmin GPS Watch - this handy piece of distance measuring equipment combines two of my loves:  accessories and technology!  

Right out the box, it is very intuitive and easy to use - just push a few buttons and it is ready to go.  It found the golf courses quickly and was fairly accurate about the yardage on the tee box. 

The down side?  I only used the range finder on the tee box.  As a new golfer, I am not good enough to know the difference between how far I hit my 7 iron versus my 8 iron, so I need to get a better feel of that before I invest in an expensive device ($122+).  

The Pros and Cons : 

On a positive note, the watch was lightweight, comfortable, and didn't move around or feel bothersome throughout the entire round.  Another positive feature - this Garmin watch golf gadget is adjustable and will fit both women and men.  One suggestion?  Add a stroke counter - that would make the accessory more functional for mateur golfers.  Also, add more colors!  These are the only choices currently offered... 


Overall, I give this gadget 3 out of 5 balls - mainly due to its lack of necessity for the new golfer.  But, for a more experienced golfer, it may be worth the cost.  

*Special thanks to Lizzie Driver Golf Clothing for making this post possible.  We entered a raffle while visiting their booth at the recent PGA Expo...and won!  We look forward to playing many rounds with the Garmin - taking turns sharing, of course!