our mission

Tired of complaining about the huge lack of fashionable - yet functional - modern women’s golf clothing, these Gals who Golf aim to do something about it!   

- Our mission is to improve golfing for women by evaluating women’s golf clothing and equipment.  

- We aim to educate women golfers with practical advice about style, golf etiquette, and how to survive and thrive in this male dominated sport.

- To share basic information about the game in an effort to educate women who simply like to ride along in the golf cart as a friend or partner plays a round.  

- To help female golfers, especially amateurs, learn about and understand the game of golf with confidence.

- To spread the word about this wonderful sport that teaches you so many things : patience, the art of good sportsmanship, humility, confidence and grace under pressure.  Invaluable skills for little girls and grown women, too!  

Thank you for your readership, and enjoy our journey!
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