I decided to have my golf swing analyzed with a golf pro at Golf Galaxy.  The golf pro recorded a few of my shots and then was able to play them back in slow motion.  This was a great learning experience!  As you can see, he was able to draw and point out all the things he noticed - good and bad.  Constructive criticism is always a good thing, and taking advantage of today's technology is an excellent way to improve your game.  

In my golf swing analysis, the tech taught me the importance of several categories he was able to see such as my:

- swing speed
- distance
- launch angle
- smash factor
- ball spin rate 

I was given tips for improving in each category and he also made a few equipment recommendations.  That was especially helpful - since golf is such a mental game, knowing I have the correct equipment allows me to feel more confident and play better.  Overall, I found having my swing analyzed at Golf Galaxy to be a pleasant, non-intimidating experience!