The Golf Outift : Adidas Retro Golf Romper 
The Golf Gals : Shelley and Dawn, hanging out on the driving range...


DAWN : Shelley found this romper and decided to purchase one for me too.  Thanks Shelley! 
SHELLEY : You're quite welcome!  While shopping at a local Adidas outlet store, I came across my purple version and had to try it on.  I was so overwhelmed by it's retro comfortable-ness and $27 price tag that I purchased it.  In hindsight, I should have stopped for a moment and thought about it's playability! 

DAWN : The fabric is magical! It's so breathable and perspiration marks are hardly visible.  When these photos were shot, the later afternoon temperature on the range was 103+.  Unable to sweat enough for it to be visible, we resorted to dousing our backs in bottled water.  Our backs were dry in about 20 minutes.  Amazing.

SHELLEY : Even if this isn't the ultimate golf outfit, you'd have to try hard to convince me that this isn't the ultimate golf fabric.  It's tag reads 100% polyester, but it has a more crepe-like feel to it than other, more silky 100% polyester pieces I own.  The second thing I must give props to is the romper's retro style and attention to detail.  The drawstring waist trapped sweat way less than the sash on this golf dress, and I love the cute racing stripes and button-up front.  Nice bright color choices.

DAWN : There is only one pocket on your rear - and it is huge.  In the picture below, we were able to stuff 5 Titleists into the rear pocket!  The drawstring waist does not improve the fit or make it any more flattering, it does the opposite by making you look bigger on the top.  In the wind, I felt like I had bat wings!  Way too roomy, I could cinch a handful of fabric behind my back. The buttons could have been more interesting.

SHELLEY : Way too short, as confirmed by the top, right photo below.  I didn't realize how large the romper was up top until Dawn literally bunched up half of it behind her back.  The difference was amazing!  

DAWN: In my opinion, this is too short and I don’t feel it meets the criteria for the dress code at a private country club. Although this garment is branded for golf, there is a difference between what is appropriate and what is approved. I will never wear this again for golf, perhaps a pajama party with a pair of cute sandals, but not for golf!

SHELLEY : A dress made out of this material with a better fitting top and longer length would be killer!  Love the signature retro Adidas style.  But I agree with Dawn - sadly, this golf romper is better left for...romping around the house!  

DAWN : I give this 1 out of 5 balls
SHELLEY : I give this 2 out of 5 balls