The Golf Clothing : Lizzie Driver Golf clothing for women - shirts, skorts and dresses.  We found this retro modern women's golf clothing line while attending the 2013 PGA Expo in Las Vegas and were so impressed by not only their golf outfits but their warm, welcoming hospitality.  We were delighted when they sent samples to review.  Interested in having the Gals play in and critique your golf clothing or accessory?  Instructions regarding submitting samples are at the end of this post.
The Golf Course : Southshore Golf Club, Henderson NV

Dawn Says...

My St. Petersburg golf shirt?  The softest cotton I have ever felt!  This 3/4-length sleeve top (size medium) was the perfect weight for the crisp 60 degree day we played.  I was impressed with the high quality stitching on both the top and my teal Crete ponte skort...

With floral button embellishments and impeccable attention to detail - I definitely felt stylish and comfortable playing in this outfit.  I also enjoyed wearing it while shopping at my favorite outdoor mall...
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Lizzie Driver?  Overall great design!  My only recommendation is regarding the skort.  While it laundered like a dream (!) definitely order a size down in this style when purchasing.  My size 4 was a tad too loose!  Not currently in stores, this outfit will be available for purchase online Spring 2014.

Shelley Says : 

I definitely gravitate toward retro-meets-modern style, which is why I fell in love with Lizzie Driver immediately!  My Charlton black rib pointelle golf dress (size medium) felt light as a feather but had enough weight to feel comfortable playing on a 60 degree day...

The cinch-tie waistband hit at just-the-right spot and the skirt length kept me covered without making me feel...matronly.  A fantastic flared collar, gold buttons, cuffed sleeves and insanely comfortable undershorts are all on target - getting the little details right where many indie designers and major label brands are missing the mark!  My only criticism would be the sleeves felt a wee bit tight around the cuffs.  A bit of stretch there would have been nice.  

Overall - I've had a blast wearing this shirt-style golf dress while on the course, working, gambling...and even meeting Yogi Bear!

Whitney Says :

Available online Spring 2014 - I loved this Canterbury rugby stripe top!  The rayon / spandex fabric was lightweight yet cozy for the day's crisp weather.  The colorful and sporty shirt (size medium) moved well with my swing and looked great for the entire round.

The Waverly herringbone skort (size 6) was also very comfortable and soft.  It's linen / cotton fabric and stylish pattern made it a chic, stylish skirt - I felt comfortable wearing it on the course and to work... 

Constructively speaking - after wearing the skirt during golf and at work, it did wrinkle and the pleated detail in back began to stick out... 
The pocket on the right side poked out and created a lopsided look on my hips.  Maybe a little bit of spandex in the skirt would allow the fabric to lay better and wrinkle less when wearing?  
We're going to give our Lizzie Driver golf outfits 4.5 out of 5 balls.  The highest ranking we've EVER given!  Why not 5 balls? 
1. Whitney's wrinkle-y skirt, Shelley's tight armholes and the slightly large sizing on Dawn's skirt. 
2.  The quality and craftsmanship is top-notch, and the pieces are incredibly versatile - so you'll get more wear out of these garments than your typical golf outfit.  However, with prices ranging from $110-$200, they'll definitely take an uncomfortable chunk out of your wallet.
Overall, it was a true pleasure to wear such well-thought and impeccably constructed garments...both on and off the course.  Thanks, Lizzie! 

To submit your golf clothing or accessory for the Gals to critique, click here and send an email introducing your company / the product(s) you'd like us to review.  We'll be in touch shortly!